Why are you going tiny?

After talking to different companies and businesses, Stennes and I noticed that some people have never seen or heard of a tiny house before. We describe it to them as an actual house with all the normal amenities, but it’s just extremely downsized and on wheels.

Reasons for us to go tiny

  • Life Simplification: Today, bigger is better, more is better in this consumer driven world. Why does “stuff” consume so much of our time, energy, money, and passions? By downsizing our possessions, we hope to experience real freedom from being tied down and overwhelmed by “stuff”. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing bad about having a lot of stuff! But when that stuff holds you back from personal growth and improvement, you might be putting too much of yourself into physical things. There’s many different ways of simplifying your life besides living tiny, but Sten and I decided that this is how we want to achieve life simplification!
  • Environmental Consciousness: Tiny houses can in-fact help the environment! On average, a normal sized home emits 28,000 pounds of CO2 per year while a tiny home emits an average of 2,000 pounds. Per year, tiny houses can save 26,000 pounds of CO2 from going into the atmosphere!
  • Owning: We have always wanted to build our own house down the road, but right now that is not feasible for us. Instead, we can put our own design and touches into a little place of our own; make it exactly how we want it! Instead of spending the same amount of money in renting an apartment for a few years, we figured it would more affordable to build.
  • More Adventures and Experiences: Because we will be saving a lot of money by not paying rent or a monthly mortgage payment, we will have the extra money to do things that we enjoy. If either one of our jobs require us to move, then we don’t have to worry about selling a house or ending a lease because we can pack up and move in a day. Not to mention, I’m very excited to own a few chickens and start a vegetable garden, both of which are not very feasible while living in an apartment 😉
Until next time,

Let the adventures begin!



After months and months of dreaming and planning, we are finally able to start this exciting journey to build our own tiny house on wheels! For those who may not know who we are, let us give you a little bit of a background. We are Stennes Austinson and Kendi Castoro (soon to be Austinson). We have been inspired to live a more simple and efficient life while being mortgage free. We want to challenge the idea of the “bigger is better” philosophy by living light without the excess clutter.

So excited to have you following along!

-Kendi & Stennes